Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's been 2.5 years since my last post. Reasons? At that same time I started a general blog, I couldn't really maintain two, and I enjoyed the other one more. Also, I have not purchased a new watch in 2.5 years, and when I stopped collecting watches I stopped blogging watches. I had been quite seriously in the hobby for about 18 months by then, but I was both burning out on it a bit and, more crucially, I lost a small second income that had sustained it. Finally, I've had some wrist problems that often makes wearing watches uncomfortable. Couldn't buy them, couldn't wear them, quit blogging them.

I'm still on a modest budget and my wrists are still often tender. But I still like horology, I've always liked what I'd written here, and it seems like it's time to blow the cobwebs out of the old blog. My interest has been rekindled, too, by the completion of my PhD. I've always thought that as a reward-to-self for that accomplishment, in lieu of some gaudy class ring, I would get myself a "grail" watch, specifically an Omega Speedmaster Professional. I am in no position financially to do that right now. But a couple of dramatically cheaper stand-ins are in the mail, and with that, this blog is back in business.

In my inaugural post I said, "I want to create in blog form something like a Consumers Report, or a Dummies Guide to Wristwatches. This is less another blog for enthusiasts (though it will be that too, in part) than a guide for the wristwatch perplexed." Now that interests me much less. This is straight-up an enthusiast's blog, not a buyer's guide. I also said that I would be focusing on entry-level affordable watches. That will probably prove to be true, but I'll go wherever my interests roam: junk watches, vintage, history of horology, watchmaking, book reviews, haute horlogerie, etc.

I've updated my post on presidential watches. New content coming soon. À les montres! À l'horlogerie!