Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chinese Skeleton #3

I just received my third Chinese skeleton watch, this time from DealExtreme, a Wilon model 968-1. It's a fairly large watch (42mm) on a light-weight folded link bracelet, but it still balances well on the wrist. Really, it's very comfortable. The display case back and probably the bracelet, too, are stainless, though the case is plated base metal. The hands are thick and lumed, which makes it very readable. Many skeleton watches, like my Elgin, are not; the hands get lost against the busyness of the movement. And it seems to keep decent time.

But the watch did not come with the engraved movement that the listing pictured. That was one of the main reasons I ordered it. Instead it has a very plain skeletonized Chinese standard movement. Also, the bracelet has rough sides and the sizing pins are so loose you can push them out with your fingers; the dial is misaligned, rotated slightly clockwise; the winding stem is a bit stiff; and I'm not sure it really autowinds. With most of these cheap Chinese autos, the rotors just do not turn like they should (too light).

I'm very disappointed that it came without the engraved movement. But it has a catchy Breitling Navitimer style, and is very light and comfortable. I like it enough, in fact, that may it may just get a turn as my new favorite beater.


cjust2006 said...

Hey! I've become fascinated with this watch, but I just cannot decipher the outer ring/bezel... At first glance I thought it was a tachymeter, but then noticed the numbers aren't what I'd usually seen on one. Is it a different kind of tachymeter, or is it some other measuring device? And if you know of a place that. Kyle instruct me on how to use it, I'd be very grateful! Thanks!

cjust2006 said...

Autocorrect... *sigh* should say 'could instruct me'

cjust2006 said...

Figured it out... And it appears to be a headache to figure out... Haha

Ed Devin said...

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